Caribbean villa places in the world’s top 10 most expensive

Taking ninth place, the Villa Rockstar at Eden Rock in St Barts offers the ultimate in island luxury with the added bonus of a cutting-edge recording studio.

£20,000 (US$34,000) per night, Villa Rockstar at Eden Rock in St Barts – a huge, ultra luxe, multi-faceted house which is being described as resembling ‘a hundred million dollar yacht on land.’

Rockstar’s enormous 16,000 sq feet include beautiful detailing, perfect cuisine and the superb housekeeping often associated with world-class yachting – yet the villa suffers no bumpy seas – so it might well be ideal for people who put up with the latter – in order to enjoy the former..!

“I also want to compliment you on your staff. I had no idea that the thing missing from my life was BUTLERS! They were divine. It was like this glorious return to childhood, where all we had to do was wake up, and the rest of the day would be taken care of by these handsome, helpful people.”

Guest comment Jan 2011

Villa Rockstar comprises north and south houses connected by a fountain courtyard and cloisters. The property is particularly private and secure, with its own gate onto a vast beach of soft pink and white coral sand.

This is a dream for most of us but a playground for the world’s wealthy.

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