Be taken back in time with this stunning island, Cuba

A trip through Cuba broken, but not out and absolutely beautiful!
Lagged and broken, because of consequence of an economical embargo and communism. What remains is something everyone should see and experience, rich in culture, colour and natural beauty.

Most visitors are surprised to arrive in Havana and find, not some grey communist dystopia, but a wildly exuberant place where music emanates from every doorway and even hardened cynics are ensnared by the intrigue and romance. Rhythms and melodies are ubiquitous in this melting pot of African, European and Caribbean cultures. Witness them at the opera and at the ballet; in the corner bar or through the hypnotic drumming of a Santería ceremony; with the trombonist practicing his arpeggios on the seawall, or in the rhythmic gait of the people as they saunter along Havana’s musical streets.

It’s a must visit for Caribbean Travelers.

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