A poor little girl’s appreciation will make you cry

This video was sent to us to upload on YouTube and share on Facebook in an effort to help this video to go viral. The video was posted by Newton Corrie, it’s of a little girl by the name of Tatiana who received some money from Newton and was very appreciative of his kindness. She brought tears to our eyes from watching her thank him for allowing her to buy a school book she needed and could not afford. It’s sad how much this illustrates the high poverty levels in Jamaica but a beautiful story nonetheless.

We thank Newton Corrie for sharing this video and congratulate him for being such a kind and caring Jamaican citizen, the world need more people like you.

Please share this Video, any proceeds from views for this video will be donated to Tatiana. We hope by sharing this video Jamaicans can some how find a way to help her buy all the books she needs for school. Social media is powerful thing and we hope this may catch the eyes of a person in a position to further help lovely Tatiana.

Please share this video

There is another video watch below, this one will make you laugh :)

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