A Jamaican man doing big things far from home in China

A Jamaican is leading the team in China responsible for trauma therapy in response to the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, Flight MH370.

Stephen-Claude Hyatt, who is a clinical health psychologist and head of the Mental Health Department at International SOS Beijing, which is an international and global medical facility, told The Gleaner that he and his team are currently offering psychological and psychiatric treatment to family members and friends as well as airline staff in one-on-one therapy sessions, group sessions, and public forums.

“Malaysian Airlines is doing a great job in attending to the needs of the family and providing care in this difficult situation,” Hyatt said before dashing off to work.

The Jamaica College past student and native of Kingston has a PhD in clinical health psychology, as well as postgraduate diplomas in family therapy, HIV/Aids counselling, and clinical supervision from the University of the West Indies and the Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy in Germany.

Hyatt is a registered member of the American Psychological Association and did internships at the psychiatric ward of the University Hospital of the West Indies and Patricia House, a residential drug-rehabilitation facility on Upper Musgrave Avenue in St Andrew.

He has also lectured medical and clinical students in psychology, previously in Jamaica, and currently, in China.

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