2015 Gold Cup Grades for each team in Group A after their opening match

By Amilcar Lewis
United States – C: Even after pulling through and getting a 2-1 victory, the US attack lacked a certain fluency and in the end Juergen’s boys were bailed out by two lucky set piece goals. Credit must be given out for getting three points but improvements are definitely needed as the US progress in the tournament. Standout player Clint Dempsey

Honduras – C: Falling to 2-1 to the overwhelming favourites on their home soil is not a result to be taken lightly. Although most of the game was played in the Honduras half, La H still showed enough on counter to frighten the teams who still have yet to play them in the group. Standout player Wilmer Crisanto

Panama – D: The Red Tide certainly made life difficult for themselves in the rest of the tournament with a 1-1 result in their opening match. A largely disjointed effort by the team saw them luckily grab the lead in the 56th minute only to be pegged back deservedly four minutes from time. Massive improvements in either tactics or personnel is needed before their next match in the group against Honduras. Standout player Alberto Quintero

Haiti – B: An amazing effort by the underdogs of the group. Les Grenadiers matched the physical play meted out to them by Panama and only went behind after an error in judgement by a defender. However, the team’s head never dropped and their collective fight was rewarded late on with one of the goals of the tournament thus far by Duckens Nazon. Nazon picked a chipped pass on the right wing turned his immediate defender inside out before firing the equalizer between the legs of the onrushing goalkeeper. A sublime effort from the team’s standout player of the evening.

US v Honduras picture is from Bleacherreport and the Panama v Haiti Espn fc

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