10 Facts About Barbados You May Not Know

Barbados is such a dynamic cultural powerhouse despite being only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. However, don’t underestimate this island’s magnitude of achievement because “Little England”, as it has been dubbed, is quite an established force to be reckoned with in these waters. Buzzebly this week will endeavour to showcase all that is unique and spectacular about Barbados and all the Bajans who have left their mark on the Caribbean, as a matter of fact, the world, in all walks of society.

1: The name Barbados

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The origin of the name Barbados is either from the Portuguese word Barbados or the Spanish equivalent los Barbados, both meaning “the bearded ones”. It was named after a certain type of fig tree that was found on the island.

2: First with piped water


One of the early highlights was the design and construction of the Belle Pumping Station between 1926 & 1944.

Barbados was the first Caribbean country with piped water. Piped water was first introduced in Barbados in 1861, when the islanders used the stand pipes for means of collecting water.

3: Oldest Parliament

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Barbados has the third oldest parliament in the English speaking world behind only the Bermuda House of Assembly and Parliament of England and been operation uninterrupted since 1639.

4: Never been invaded

Barbados has never been successfully invaded by a Foreign power.

Barbados has never been successfully invaded by a Foreign power.

Barbados has never been invaded by a foreign power. The English were said to arrive on the island in 1624, but since there were no permanent settlers at the time, the English claimed possession.

5: All white sand beaches


The Crane Beach was rated “one of the ten best beaches in the world”.

Barbados is the only coral island in the Caribbean region with all white sand beaches. The island is comprised of over 70 miles of white sand beaches due to the islands coral stone origins, and surrounding most of Barbados are shallow coral reefs.

6: Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay, is recognized as the oldest rum brand in the world. It is said to be in production, and has the oldest surviving deed for rum production, from 1703. Visit their website for more information

7: Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill, windmills

Morgan Lewis sugar mills Barbados

Morgan Lewis is one of the only two intact and restored sugar mills in the Caribbean.

Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill one of the only two intact windmills in the Caribbean. The wind-powered sugar mill is a monument to the once booming sugar industry on Barbados.

8: Lord Admiral Nelson

A likeness of the infamous Englishman, Lord Admiral Nelson in the form of a bronze statue was made and erected in Barbados on the 22 of March, 1813 some thirty years before a similar monument was created in London. The design and sculpture was completed by Sir Richard Westmacott, and the structure stands some 3660 inches tall.

9: Oldest surviving shiplift

Barbados Screw-Dock
Barbados Screwdock is the oldest surviving shiplift in the world. Formally opened on the 10th of march 1893, this marvel of engineering was still lifting over 10, 000 tons of shipping per year in the 1970s; until the shipping sector’s ultimate decline in the most recent decades.

10: 1st to settle in South Carolina

southern part of Carolina was first settled in 1670 by three ships of Englishmen from Barbados and Bermuda

southern part of Carolina was first settled in 1670 by three ships of Englishmen from Barbados and Bermuda

The State of South Carolina in the United States of America was originally settled by Barbadians when William Sayle sailed up the Ashley River with three shiploads of English emigrants from Barbados, and a few from Berumda. These settlers pitched their tents on its banks and built a town. Subsequently one of, what eventually became South Carolina’s first governor, Sir John Yeamans came from Barbados after living there for several years.

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